10 New Ways to use Pallets

15 Gourmet Din-Din Recipes (Fancy Popsicles from South America) (6).png

The world is buzzing about re purposing pallet wood and I have found ten new ways to use them. (okay maybe not new but I have not seen them yet.

plants stairs

  1. Flower Shelves for outdoors painted in a cottage white.

Pflanzentrage bauen

2. This adorable carry basket would be a great centerpiece or picnic table organizer.

Schwimmteich anlegen

3. A diving deck for the pond. Now this one is creative. I imagine decking is quite expensive.

Fahrradbox bauen

4. Yes this storage shed opens like a convertible. How cool!

Holzunterstand für 5 Schüttmeter Holz

5. If you left some windows this would be a great outbuilding for hunting.

DIY Möbel aus Europaletten esstisch mit stühlen rattan

6. Love the Dinette… really love the bird.

DIY Möbel aus Europaletten schaukel stuhl baum garten

7. Tree Swing.

DIY Möbel aus Europaletten kücheninsel garten küche massive

8. Kitchen Island.

Baumhaus aus Paletten

9. Tree house anyone?

happy easter

10. Window Shutters.15 Gourmet Din-Din Recipes (Fancy Popsicles from South America) (6).png


Plans for Kids Picnic Table – Free DIY

1Quality Pine Wood

Cut List

Tabletop: 900x454x18 = 1

Seats 900x185x18 = 2

Top Crosspiece 450x45x18 = 2

Seat Crosspiece 800x45x18 = 2

Base Crosspiece = 900x45x18 = 2

External Braces = 350x45x18 = 2

Internal Braces = 175x45x18 = 2

Seat Braces = 175x45x18 = 4

Legs 515x45x18 = 4 


Free Magnetic Quiet Book or use for a Wooden Puzzle

1954 (14).png

This image from a catalog inspired me to create a puzzle.

For this example we will do magnets but these shapes would be easy to scroll saw and make a puzzle that way.

You will need to print one of these images in full color onto magnetic paper and another with the image outlines or with the shapes filled in.

On the outline I would outline with puffy paint so the pieces will fit into the puzzle (this makes it easier for little ones to know they have it right).

Glue this sheet to one side of a folder. On the other side of the folder you should make an envelope or pouch to put the pieces into.

Cut out the colored puzzle pieces and then store.


How to make an easy wood puzzle:

You will need two identical pieces of wood. Print out the colored images onto sticker paper. Print out the same image on cardstock.

Cut out the cardstock and trace onto one piece of the wood. Scrollsaw cut it out. Sand the pieces. Attach the stickers to the cut out pieces. Take the silhouette piece and you will wood glue it to the full – untouched piece of wood. Sand all of the surfaces (except the sticker side). Apply a clear coat of paint or varnish to help seal the wood.


How to transfer and paint image to wood : Christmas Design on wood plank

1954 (13).png

For this project I will list the materials you will need and then get into the instructions. At the bottom you will find a color chart in case you need to select a different brand of paint.

Any piece of wood will do but I like the ones you get at the hobby store. If you sand pallet wood you could also use those and save some money. Also you do not have to use wood just an item of similar size. I like this for gifting cookies on a hand painted plate or covered dish. Wrap the stencil around a vase and paint it that way.

For this post however I will be using this piece of wood found at Joanns Fabric. It is a 10×10 in square. Remember when using standard paper size this image will only be 11 inches high and at most 8.5 wide. If you want to go larger you will need to print at 150-200%.


The Brushes you will need: #1,2,4,8 and 10 Shaders, #10 Liner Brush, #10 Flat stain brush, 1/4″ comfort rake.

Paint Colors: light ivory, dark forest green, black, spice brown, tomato spice, trail tan, white, wedgewood blue, bright red, nightfall blue, straw and eucalyptus.

Step 1: You do not need to prep a frame since we do not have one.

Step 2: How to transfer (the easy way). Flip the image and prepare for printing.

To print you will need a page protector sleeve and cut off the holes making sure to leave the seam closed. Place a piece of paper in the sleeve (this holds it firm while you print.) You are printing on the sleeve not paper. Feed through the printer and before it dries press it to the wood. Let dry.

Now use the directions starting with #2.






How to DIY a Wooden Nativity Scene – Free patterns and instructions


This would make such a wonderful gift. You will need a scroll or jig saw to shape the pieces of wood.

Here are the templates you will use:


Now here are the instructions. I would like to add that after you transfer the images onto the wood you should cut to the shape you want before painting. Sand the edges smooth. Then begin painting. This set of instructions does not come with a stable but one could be crafted easily with flat wood pieces – even pallet wood.