Free pattern and fabric idea – Girls Tank Top

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Fabics I love for this top:


Get the pattern HERE


Free Peanut Butter and Jelly Alphabet Cards – P&C With Cricut

Alphabet Peanut Butter and Jelly_thumb[2].jpg

This free printable is from 123homeschool4me. Great blogs such as this one are a great tool for teachers, educators and parents! This is a PDF Download but you can easily convert each page to JPG by using your computers snipping tool and capturing the entire page.

hands on alphabet activity for kids_thumb[2].jpg

Once you have the pages you can upload them to cricut. Erase all the white (except the letters) and save as a print and cut image. Next insert the image back on the cutting board and hit the flashing C. Laminate if necessary.



Fourth of July (1).pngThe pattern should be used for draping and generally idea purposes.


How to get the perfect size:

Create a mold of your child using duck tape. Be responsible – do not put on the skin – only add to a fitted shirt.


Use the pattern above as a pictorial guide to creating the dress.

Create a Paper Pattern

First create the pattern with paper such as this (this is not the pattern for the dress, just an idea of how to use paper)


The Fabric

Click the photo to be directed to the link provided. Or use as a guide for similar fabric at your local craft store

The Model


As you can see in the photo the top/ dress has 3 layers added to a long basic top. Use a fabric for the top and middle layer. Then use the other two as the top ruffle and bottom ruffle.