Free pattern and fabric idea – Girls Tank Top

03 (2).png

Fabics I love for this top:


Get the pattern HERE



Fourth of July (1).pngThe pattern should be used for draping and generally idea purposes.


How to get the perfect size:

Create a mold of your child using duck tape. Be responsible – do not put on the skin – only add to a fitted shirt.


Use the pattern above as a pictorial guide to creating the dress.

Create a Paper Pattern

First create the pattern with paper such as this (this is not the pattern for the dress, just an idea of how to use paper)


The Fabric

Click the photo to be directed to the link provided. Or use as a guide for similar fabric at your local craft store

The Model


As you can see in the photo the top/ dress has 3 layers added to a long basic top. Use a fabric for the top and middle layer. Then use the other two as the top ruffle and bottom ruffle.


7 Sweaters you should start knitting NOW for Fall!

Well you have about 3 months to knit 7 sweaters for yourself! Are you up for the challenge. If you made these 7 you would be set for the cool brisk mornings and of course sitting on the front porch with hot cup of coffee.

Gedifra Moments 0212_Page_004

Unfortunately you will need a translator for these patterns. The EASIEST way ( also free) is to download the Google Translator App and screenshot my instruction images. Or open Google Translate and take a photo of a paper copy of these patterns.

  1. A gorgeous Cardigan Gedifra Moments 0212_Page_0122. A sweater Vest Gedifra Moments 0212_Page_003.jpgGedifra Moments 0212_Page_0113. Extra Long SweaterGedifra Moments 0212_Page_029

    Gedifra Moments 0212_Page_018.jpg4. Dressy Sweater

    Gedifra Moments 0212_Page_008

    Gedifra Moments 0212_Page_016

5. A Nice Walking Sweater

FilatiHandstrick 38 005FilatiHandstrick 38 021

6. Hooded Sweater

FilatiHandstrick 38 050

FilatiHandstrick 38 033

FilatiHandstrick 38 034

7. The Long Sweater – Legging Sweater

FilatiHandstrick 38 042FilatiHandstrick 38 029.jpg