Free Peanut Butter and Jelly Alphabet Cards – P&C With Cricut

Alphabet Peanut Butter and Jelly_thumb[2].jpg

This free printable is from 123homeschool4me. Great blogs such as this one are a great tool for teachers, educators and parents! This is a PDF Download but you can easily convert each page to JPG by using your computers snipping tool and capturing the entire page.

hands on alphabet activity for kids_thumb[2].jpg

Once you have the pages you can upload them to cricut. Erase all the white (except the letters) and save as a print and cut image. Next insert the image back on the cutting board and hit the flashing C. Laminate if necessary.



Mickey & Minnie Mouse Paper Dolls

I just wrote how to print and cut paper dolls with your Cricut Exlore Air Machine. I thought I would provide you with some super cute paper dolls. I will be making these for my son.

Tips on materials: It is easier to print and cut paper and then adhere it to the final surface. It provides stability and good color. I print on cardstock, cut on the machine and then use Mod Podge Hard Coat to hold it all together. You could also paint one side of your cardstock paper with magnetic paint before hand and let it dry.


How to Print and Cut Paper Dolls with Cricut

This tutorial will show you how to print and cut paper dolls. With the Cricut you may purchase print on magnetic material, felt, or stickers. I am going to demonstrate on paper. (it is just as simple to paint sheets of cardstock with magnetic paint before using.

Okay… Step 1. Find an image with a lot of white and bold colors.


2. Go to New Project – Upload an image


After upload hit the middle option – moderately complex. Hit Go.

You will need to click the large white background to delete it.

Then use the eraser tool located in the upper left (it looks like an eraser) to delete anything you don’t want (tags or letters)

Hit continue.

Save as a Print and Cut.

Add to your design by hitting INSERT Image.

Resize to fit what you want.

If the picture is too large it will tell you. If it appears to small hit the x in the upper right to go back and adjust.

Make sure the paper size is 8.5×11 and your size adjustment is set to the material you are using.

Push GO. Then PRINT.

Add Image to your mat and hit the blinking arrows.

Then click the C when it flashes.

It is now cutting.


10 New Ways to use Pallets

15 Gourmet Din-Din Recipes (Fancy Popsicles from South America) (6).png

The world is buzzing about re purposing pallet wood and I have found ten new ways to use them. (okay maybe not new but I have not seen them yet.

plants stairs

  1. Flower Shelves for outdoors painted in a cottage white.

Pflanzentrage bauen

2. This adorable carry basket would be a great centerpiece or picnic table organizer.

Schwimmteich anlegen

3. A diving deck for the pond. Now this one is creative. I imagine decking is quite expensive.

Fahrradbox bauen

4. Yes this storage shed opens like a convertible. How cool!

Holzunterstand für 5 Schüttmeter Holz

5. If you left some windows this would be a great outbuilding for hunting.

DIY Möbel aus Europaletten esstisch mit stühlen rattan

6. Love the Dinette… really love the bird.

DIY Möbel aus Europaletten schaukel stuhl baum garten

7. Tree Swing.

DIY Möbel aus Europaletten kücheninsel garten küche massive

8. Kitchen Island.

Baumhaus aus Paletten

9. Tree house anyone?

happy easter

10. Window Shutters.15 Gourmet Din-Din Recipes (Fancy Popsicles from South America) (6).png

20 Dollar Tree Items to Use with Your Cricut Machine

15 Gourmet Din-Din Recipes (Fancy Popsicles from South America) (5).png

Decorate Dollar Tree Charger Plates

  1. Charger Plates. Think of future holidays and then head to my PNG Files and find something you would like to cut! Simple enough, right?

Framed Christmas Gift Bags

2. The Inside of picture frames. Find some cool digital paper and print it out. Go to the PNG files I have and cut that out. Decoupage the paper to the frame backing and the SVG file to the paper for a unique framed art picture.

Festive Poinsettia and Apple Bouquet

3. Vases – Print any SVG File to a vinyl sheet and cut out to add to this. OR – Print an image on a printable vinyl sheet and cut it out.

Pint Jar Mugs filled with stones and faux flowersPint Jar Mugs filled with stones and faux flowers

4. Mason Jar Cups – These are great for putting on names or celebrating with friends. Put cute SVG sayings on them.

Classic Glass Storage Jars with Lids

5. These mini jars with lids would be a great addition to a powder room. Print an SVG Label to size and attach. You could print a label of your own and then cut as well.

Classic Counter Top...

6. Label all your craft supplies with these little guys. Print on vinyl and let it cut out. I have also heard of people printing on clear packaging tape. Let me know if you try that one.

Sure Fresh...

7. Food containers for the pantry. Make labels for cereal, flour, sugar, coffee and more with your Cricut.

Jot Magnetic Round...

8. These little boxes are magnetic. Use them for spices, medicine kits and more. Add labels to these.

Essentials White...

9. These storage containers have a grip bottom. I would label these and put them in the freezer. I am thinking milk storage as you can add labels with dates, lay them flat and stack them up in reverse order.

Luminessence Battery...

10. Use the print and cut feature to make festive holiday candles.

Decorative Mirrors...

11. These glass mirrors can take on a frosty vibe when you cut out a stencil with your Cricut and then use etching paint or similar to paint your stencil on.

Cooking Concepts Pie Pans, 9 in.

12. Use any Metal Pan for kids magnetic games on the go. With a pan like this you could print and cut on Cricut magnetic sheets puzzle shapes. Trace out the puzzle pieces onto cardstock. Cut cardstock to fit the circle and glue it on. Then use the magnetic pieces to fit into the slots.

Teaching Tree Word Strips, 30-ct. Packs

13. Teachers can use the cut feature to cut out sight words or kids names onto sticker paper. They can use a tool that allows them to use the dotted letter feature. Laminate the sheets and then use dry erase markers for writing practice.

Tumble Tower Stacking Wood Block Games, 4.25 in.

14. With the print and cut feature we can make these have funny sayings or questions on them to make this game more fun. Consider this: Wood glue the pieces together to create a rustic looking wall sign. Then use the cut feature for wording or decals.

Floral Foam Craft...

15. The Cricut can cut fabric too! Consider cutting various strips of fabric and $1 Mod Podge at the Dollar Tree to create a country chic Holiday center piece.

Decorative Adhesive...

16. Lay duck tape on a piece of cardstock and cut an image. Consider a big heart with the Emoji’s or a zebra with the print stripe.

or…. adhere to the top side of a sticker sheet. use print and cut or the writing tool to write names and personalize school supplies.

Jumbo Plastic Water...

17. Decorate cute saying and print on glitter vinyl for super cute cups. This is a great gift idea for a soccer team or class gift.

Fun Shapes Latex...

18. If you are not finding the balloons you want consider printing and cutting on sticker paper and designing some balloons yourself. This way you can get any character you want, numbers and names.

Cooking Concepts...

19. What a cute fit along with number 20. Add a cute kitchen saying to these. Use dollar tree burlap or ribbon to tie a bow.

The Home Store...

20. Use the print on Iron on material to design these cute oven accessories. Make them to match the spoon above.


37 (4).png

These are super cute. The patterns include the fish, carrot, potato, lemon and the knife!

How to use the patterns:

Print out the patterns and cut out the pieces. Trace onto the backside of the felt you are using. Cut out each. Sew the pieces together. Before closing each piece add a little stuffing. Sew closed. Add Velcro. On the carrot pay special attention that you use the right side of the velcro.