DIY Felt Toy Cars Pattern and Info

37 (3).pngToday we are going to make little felt cars for the little ones! This is super cute and making a nice little road for them to drive on would be as simple as attaching white strips to black felt!

How to use these patterns

  1. We have to use our best judgement since these are not in English. The patterns are their but of course we will need to look at the photographs to know which colors to use.
  2. We could keep the project simple and follow along with what is here. I think these would be excellent little magnets if you decide you want to use them that way.
  3. You could also only do one sided felt images for a quiet book.


Let’s get started

In this set of tutorials you will get patterns for a car, fire truck, ambulance, van, mixer truck, and postal truck.

You will need:

needle and thread

magnets if desired


Grey, Dark Blue, Yellow, Black, Red, Green and Yellow Felt. I like the stiffer felt as the base and the soft as the embellishments.

If you don’t want to sew you could always use a fabric adhesive.

There are small pieces on these toys. Use your judgement on if your child can play with these toys. If they are using them to teeth on I would suggest sewing them on or painting the details on with a safe paint.

I will be making these and adding a full tutorial.



This image has the truck and ambulance. Size the photo to get the size car you want. Tape wax paper to your computer screen and just trace them piece by piece. This way you get the size you need. Or you can print and go from there.


Using these without a translator:

Make two exact patterns of each. Sew most of it closed. Push in a little stuffing- batting-beans would be cool for a sensory experience – Sew up the rest of the way.

To add a magnet use glue or place on the inside before stitching up.


Step by Step

  1. Print the Pattern two times. If you would like a larger vehicle you will need to print at 200%. Use a thick paper when printing.
  2. Outline the printed shapes in pieces. 1. the base of the car. 2. the pieces for the car.
  3. Cut out each piece and trace onto felt(back side) (twice)
  4. Cut the felt.
  5. Sew or glue each piece to the base. You will have two identical pieces for each car.
  6. Place the two pieces together and sew leaving a small opening.
  7. Use the end of a pencil to push cotton into the car.
  8. Sew the ends together.
  9. Ta-da you just made a felt car!

Want to add a magnet? Before doing step 7 put a little glue on the front of the magnet (do not cover the entire surface). Stick to the fabric on the inside. Make certain it is centered before placing. Then continue on.